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Sorry Wrong Number, Let’s Be Friends

Criminals have one job to focus on, while the rest of us have our own jobs to worry about AND be ever vigilant against crime. Cybercriminals don’t just hack your computers and take your money without you knowing about it, sometimes you willingly give it to them… just for the wrong reasons. This next story […]

One man’s trash is another man’s access to your data

Home computers have been around since the mid 80’s. The internet has been accessible since 1993, and the first smartphone was released in 1994. Data has been collected on you since you took your first breath, and even before the proliferation of technology, you were told to shred sensitive information so that bad people couldn’t […]

What do you mean I need to see you again?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you only had to see your IT specialist when things went wrong? And wouldn’t it be even better if things never went wrong? Well, too bad. Let’s get really real, technology and cyber criminals seem to be on some never ending desire to make things more difficult and dangerous. As […]

Your problems are so trending right now

There’s no such thing as bad publicity… unless it comes via your IT support company’s Facebook page. Here at Betterchips, we take our clients’ privacy very seriously.  You’ll never see our clients’ logos on our website or even mention the companies we work with. We all name-drop, it’s just how we validate who we are […]

20 minutes could save your business

20 Minutes Could Save Your Business You’ve probably already trashed the emails, deleted the text messages, and closed the pop ups a dozen times today. In fact, statistically speaking, you’ll probably get around 100 pieces of email today, and at least one of those will be a phishing email.  Now, let’s multiply that by the […]

Filing it won’t fix it.

Every day there are scams being run and individuals and businesses alike are finding themselves victims. The FTC (Federal Trade Commision) had over 2.8 million fraud claims filed in 2021, that’s over 7,671 per day. This number in all likeliness is higher because it only represents the individuals who were willing to file a report.  […]

Good news! More bad news.

CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) is an organization that was established to help fight against cyber crime. As this group learns and collects data on the different types of crime, they update their Known Exploited Vulnerabilities catalog (KEV).  The KEV is updated often; just in June CISA updated the catalog 49 times. How often […]

Happy holidays from your international cybercriminal syndicate

The 4th of July is one of the nation’s largest celebrations. As many Americans and non-Americans come together to enjoy this time off, reconnect with family and friends, and perhaps share a beer or two, cybercriminals are in the wings waiting for their moment to shine.  Most companies have come to expect phishing schemes and […]

Don’t get caught!

Let’s be honest, since before Napster, people have pirated copies of programs, games, and music, for both personal use and profit. Then, with the invention of things like in-home CD-R’s and MP3’s, digital piracy leapt into the future. The vast majority of thieves will never see a courtroom, but are you willing to take that […]

Does your network trust no one?

95% of breaches occur because of user error. That’s right, your precious data and all the initial setup you’ve done to protect it will likely be undone by one of your own. If you’ve never heard of zero trust, there’s a good chance your security profile is based on a protocol established in the 90s… […]