Your problems are so trending right now

There’s no such thing as bad publicity… unless it comes via your IT support company’s Facebook page. Here at Betterchips, we take our clients’ privacy very seriously.  You’ll never see our clients’ logos on our website or even mention the companies we work with.

We all name-drop, it’s just how we validate who we are and why we belong in a particular group. The problem with name-dropping in the IT world, especially if your company has just experienced cyber crime, is that it draws unwanted attention to your potential vulnerabilities… even if they’ve been fixed. 

A big part of being an IT company is being able to be trusted. An IT company has to have access to the vital parts of a company’s network and in some cases have more accessibility than the owner. If an IT company is sharing with the general population that they take care of your back end or maintain your systems (usually remotely) not only could they be making your company a target, but they could be inviting bad actors to give their security a trial under fire. 

Social media is a huge marketing tool for virtually everyone selling anything. These free platforms can take literal nobodies and make them actual millionaires. So with nothing to lose and all the money in the world to gain, many companies are leaning heavily on their social media accounts to attract new business.  The problem is when companies share too much information, especially information that may be useful to cyber criminals

Cyber criminals enjoy a challenge. You fixed your problem? We will see about that! Having your IT company use your downfall as a means to promote themselves is the same as having your corner coach yell across the ring, “he’s bad about dropping his guard, but we told him not to!” 

Betterchips will never talk about its clients and what has been, or is being, done for them. Even in one-on-one situations, we take our clients’ privacy very seriously. You’ll never see our clients’ logos on our website and even if their problems make the news, we will never acknowledge that we helped them or are in the process of helping them. Betterchips understands that cyber criminals number in the several thousands, and even if you can stop 99.9% of them, that .1% can do enough damage to ruin everyone.