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The inclusion of technology in nearly all facets of modern life has created a series of obstacles which can complicate cases and the understanding of the interaction of the parties and incidents.

Often, more time and effort are spent researching the “what-is” and “how-to” aspects of technology than is needed. This is due to a lack of expertise of the technology by the professional (i.e. Attorney, Certified Public Accountant, Consultant, etc.) and their client(s), business leaders and stakeholders. This can result in the delay of response, improper approach, increased costs, risk and liability.

Our eco-system of professional partners and experts possess a wide-ranging breadth of skills related to many applications of modern computing and Internet technologies, and more importantly, the ability to interpret what is fundamentally important to the situation and translate it to common legal and business speak for easy management and possible remedy thereof.

From compliance efforts, risk assessments and data security reviews, to systems design and management and everything in-between, our consultants will provide you with the reporting, documentation and outcomes that your business needs to succeed. See the Areas of Expertise section for a complete listing of our core competencies.

Areas of Expertise

An application can only be as successful as it is planned to be. Proper requirements, assessment, and implementation of those requiremens should be a well-thought-out and documented process in order to ensure a successful launch. Betterchips Consultants have many years of experience in designing and aiding in the development of both stakeholder and customer facing applications of all sizes. No matter where you are in the design or development process, we can help make sure you make it to final launch and execution.

  • Business and Technical Logic, Interpretation and Requirements Formulation
  • Application Development Design, User Interface and Programming
  • Application Bring-to-Market and Launch

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About Our Firm - Leadership Team

Group photo of Betterchips Leadership Team

Founded in 1997, Betterchips Consulting is a globally-recognized firm built upon an ecosystem of dozens of trusted professionals in virtually all areas of computing technology. The unique ability to combine business, legal and technological expertise gives Betterchips a strategic insight into many issues where others can’t navigate.

Betterchips has successfully worked with clients of all sizes, from small solo-practitioner law firms to publicly-traded Fortune 500 corporations, on a variety of services and issues ranging from GDPR and HIPAA/HITECH compliance, systems architecture, cloud computing, digital forensics, legal audits and assessments, and more.

Photo of Rick Gideon Jr.

Rick Gideon Jr.

Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Rick Gideon Jr. is a seasoned veteran of the tech industry with over 25 years of hands-on systems and executive management experience. Starting with computing at an early age in the late 80’s and early 90’s, and having graduated from college at the age of 17 so he could jump into the booming dot-com era, he’s been immersed in technology and business for most of his life.

Rick’s areas of expertise include: General Data Protection Regulation compliance, Data Center design and operations, Cloud Computing design and operation, Telecommunications and Networking, Strategic Research and Development, Vendor and Contract Management, Business Operations and Risk Management.

Photo of Kevin Nelson

Kevin Nelson

Sr. Strategic Solutions Consultant Lead

Kevin Nelson is a natural-born technical leader with nearly 20 years of hands on experience starting at a young age building and repairing computers for others before graduating from high school, and even helping to operate a local non-profit AM radio station as a teenager. Kevin has lead support, engineering and research teams which have delivered exceptional results to business stakeholders and clients alike.

Kevin’s areas of expertise include: Project Management, Cloud Computing design and operation, Risk Management, Systems Engineering, Application Development Design, User Experience Testing, Data Analysis, and Cyber-forensics.

Photo of James Holt III

James Holt III

Systems Engineering Consultant Lead

James Holt is a technical professional with over 20 years of experience in the computer and technology industries starting with website and scripting development as a youngster, to working through the ranks as a system engineer and administrator, managing thousands of physical and virtual systems for major Internet and hosting companies.

James’s areas of expertise include: Application Development Design, User Experience Development and Programming, Cyber-forensics, Systems Interoperability Assessment, Investigation, Analysis and Reporting.

Confidential and Attorney-Client Work Product Privileged

By engaging our technology experts through an attorney, clients enjoy the cloaking benefit of Attorney-Client Privilege, shielding any potential findings from discovery. With privacy and data sensitivity a core concern of every client, all work product and correspondence are kept in strict confidence, with communication going solely through the engaging attorney, unless otherwise requested. Attorney recommendations for legal services can be provided to both our attorney and business clients alike.

Expert Witness and Opinion

We are a seasoned team of Professional Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with a mindful approach to technology comprehension, cyber investigation and reporting. Our legal partners and business clients rest well knowing that we take the utmost care with each case and can service expert opinion and testimonial requirements with confidence and accuracy.

We Are Your Team

Once your firm or business has engaged us for services, we’ll work with you on a direct, professional basis. We treat every client, regardless if they’re a solo-practitioner, senior partner or energetic entrepreneur, with the utmost decency and nonjudgmental attitude possible. Every client becomes a member of our team, and likewise, we become a member of yours, with all of the concern and scrutiny any stakeholder would have.

Around the Clock Access

We understand the time-sensitive nature some cases can have and that emergencies can happen at any time. Our members take comfort in knowing that we’re available 24/7 to assist with critical situations and mitigate damages whenever possible. To us, time is always of the essence.

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Betterchips Consulting Corp. has been a trusted resource and advisor to our clients since 1997. We serve the technological and business strategy needs of Attorneys, Accountants, Consultants and Business Professionals of all types and sizes. To find out how we can help you, contact us today!

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