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ReferUS is the Betterchips Referral Program that Compensates You!

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I bet you know someone that’s gone through some sort of technology meltdown… even if that someone is you!  Companies and individuals have been reliant on their digital resources for decades, yet so many of us are still struggling to keep up, stay current, and remain safe. 

An IT department is much like insurance (if your insurance was available to answer calls 24/7 and help prevent you from being hacked) in that you don’t want to pay for it, but when things go south, you’re glad you have it.  And just like insurance, IT isn’t something we all freely talk about… but we should be!  Our business has been built on referrals, so we thought it was time to share in our success.

The Betterchips ReferUS program is based on the idea that you should be compensated for introducing us to our next client.  Simple and straightforward, when you bring us a qualified lead* you’ll be rewarded helping spread the word. For more information on our ReferUS program, contact us!

It’s time we started sharing our IT experiences and helping one another stay safe in this digital age. We at Betterchips truly believe that, together we can make your technology better

Why Recommend Betterchips?

With decades of high level real world work experience, our Betterchips’ team is capable of tackling virtually any and every technology based challenge out there.  Ongoing learning and research keeps your digital resources current and relevant to trends and policies that could have lasting effects on how you operate.  Because your business is your business, we maintain strict client confidentiality with all our clients.

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A Systems Engineer at Work in a Data Center

How We Operate

First, Betterchips never uses our clients’ data and situation to further our own business.  We take client privacy very seriously.  Our US-based team is highly qualified and skilled, and can resolve virtually any IT issue, but our white glove approach is both friendly and professional, putting us a step above the rest.  

We understand that most of our clients only know they have a problem, and it’s our job to make sure we not only resolve the problem(s) but we maintain open lines of communication and help answer questions and concerns that may come up during our work.  

Speaking of our work, we are uniquely positioned in the IT sector as one of the few companies that can handle virtually every aspect of technology; this includes hardware, software, and policies and compliance issues.  Our team speaks legalese fluently, so we are called in to help with matters that are technical in nature.  Betterchips is truly a one stop destination for everything technical and digital.

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