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If you ask most lawyers at a corporate law firm if they are a tech lawyer, there’s a reasonable chance, roughly 75%, that these lawyers will say ‘yes’, and it’s the same for accountants and other professionals.  This simply means that more and more professionals are understanding the importance of technology and how it fits within the firm and how it affects their clients.  This also means that when clients have problems with their tech assets, there’s a strong chance their lawyer, accountant or other professional advisor will be one of the first people they reach out to.

A good firm will help its clients find a suitable company to resolve a specific issue so that business can resume.  A great firm will have a company like Betterchips on board so that when an issue such as: data security, privacy, compliance, cybersecurity, technology contracts and negotiations,  or software design and infrastructure arises, they already know the situation will be handled professionally, quickly, and confidentiallyas an extension of the firm itself

Betterchips and your firm make for a perfect professional partnership.  Betterchips’ vast technical expertise and decades of real world experience, coupled with a proven track record and superior work ethic, ensure that when a firm turns clients over for assistance, they will be given support that feels ‘in house’

A firm that has a professional partnership with Betterchips understands the importance of having a strong technical voice, speaks legalese and works regularly with law, accounting and other professional firms on business and technical matters, and the interdisciplinary approach yields the best possible outcome for its clients.

Betterchips Will Bring Value to Your Firm

  • Increasing value and adding services to the firm – a potential new source of revenue.
  • Reducing risk by having a single, trusted company handle all technical and business related issues.
  • Helping clients recover faster and return to operations quicker.
  • Preventing clients from seeking counsel elsewhere because the firm could not find a solution for the matter.
  • As a professional partnership, Betterchips can operate as an “extension of” the firm, protecting clients’ confidentiality.
Business Partnerships Concept
Business Partnerships Concept

Why Partner? Facts to Consider

  • A tech lawyer spends roughly 60% of their time on tech related issues.
  • In 2020, there were 791,790 cybercrime complaints filed in the US, with reported losses exceeding $4.1 billion – it’s exponentially higher now.
  • In 2020, there were 19,369 Business Email Compromise (BEC) complaints with adjusted losses of over $1.8 billion – even more today.
  • In 2020, there were 2,474 complaints identified as ransomware with adjusted losses of over $29.1 million – there are multiples higher not even reported today.
  • Two out of five SMBs were impacted by ransomware in 2020 – almost every business will be hit if it hasn’t already.
  • 47% of SMBs report that they experienced at least 5 attacks in 2020 – are your clients prepared for their hit?

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