A Happy Technical Support Representative Engaging a Client Virtually

What do you mean I need to see you again?

A Happy Technical Support Representative Engaging a Client Virtually

Wouldn’t it be nice if you only had to see your IT specialist when things went wrong? And wouldn’t it be even better if things never went wrong? Well, too bad. Let’s get really real, technology and cyber criminals seem to be on some never ending desire to make things more difficult and dangerous. As fast as criminals figure out a way to get in your computer, software companies are producing patches to board up the holes. Your hardware isn’t much different; how many times have you been told you need to update your computer in order to run current software?

Technology has enabled businesses to operate more efficiently and effectively, centralizing most (if not all) of your vital information and operations into just a few key points. And as technology advances and cyber criminals create new ways to gain access, everything from your work stations to your office’s policy and procedures need to be updated in order to keep up. 

Are you updating software every week? How about regularly backing up data on external drives? With all the work you have on your plate already, the “little things” can easily slip through the cracks, and what should happen regularly can quickly become a situation of “whenever I have time.” Keep this in mind the next time you put off updating your office for the 2nd or 3rd or 4th time; One organization identified over 4 million high-risk sites in 2021, with roughly 66% of them involving phishing. It only takes one time to lose everything you’ve worked for; the average money spent on ransoms surpassed 300,000.00 and over 80% of attacks were on companies with less than 1000 employees. 

Yes, you could hire a full time IT person to watch over your network, your work stations, your software updates, your driver updates, train new hires, update old hires, keep up with current threats, keep up with new software and hardware, and so on… Or you could simply utilize a qualified IT support company like Betterchips Consulting, with a staff of tenured, highly skilled professionals making sure every aspect of your digital resources is covered, and beyond.