Is “The New Normal” putting your business at risk?

The emergence of COVID-19 has caused many seismic shifts in the business world. The first, and currently most prevalent, is the dominance of work from home. Millions of workers are now working from home, with companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook mandating their employees work remotely. Organizations are facing unprecedented challenges with work from home as it results in heightened security risks for companies of all sizes, and it is likely that your clients are at advanced risk of these threats.

At Betterchips, we want to keep our partners and our peers in the best space to stay safe from potential attacks and we recommend that you look into the 5 biggest threats that people are facing.

Personal and Mobile Device Security

With work from home, people are using much more devices, including their own, to save and manipulate files. They also use mobile devices to do work more frequently, which traditionally have different security protocols and can be attacked in different ways. These devices are a much bigger treasure trove for hackers as they have more personal data on them. To prevent the risk of attacks here, we recommend that security teams should require device registration and provide oversight of devices allowed to access company data.

Strong Password Management and Authentication

Password policies are key and with employees using more devices and applications, then moving to options like 2FA will allow for a safer and more robust approach to password management. This will also reduce the burden on things like password resets into your administration teams.

Encrypt Your Data

Unencrypted data can be accessed and is much easier to hack. This is why security professionals should adopt and enforce encryption policies, especially as a large majority of employees are now remote. It is critical when people work from home as there is much more online and chat conversations occurring as human to human interaction is limited.

Make Sure Connections Are Secure

Remote workers are always at risk of not using secure connections, as they are not on the company network, This gives hackers a great path to access their computers and the company network. This is part of the education a company should do to their employees to remind them to use a secure network. Also, using a virtual private network can help to ensure that employees are secure when they access your company data, systems, and applications.

Educate on Cybersecurity Awareness

The best way to protect from a cybersecurity attack, is to educate your workforce on what they should do if they are suspicious of an attack or think they have been attacked. Education is something we can assist with, as our team can speak with you or your clients and help bring employees up to the expert level, and reduce the risk of attack.

If we can help you with any of these issues, please drop us a line at 1-866-270-2388, and we can quickly evaluate your current cybersecurity situation and build you a plan of action.