Are your client’s employees practicing good habits in the work from home environment?

We know how much you care about your clients and their employees. We at Betterchips are seeing that now is the perfect time for you to reach out and engage with your clients to offer them assistance and help on how they can be best prepared for cybersecurity protection. 

We are currently working with our partners and putting together the following options:

  • A Free Cybersecurity audit for any of your clients
  • A Virtual Class for your clients to help educate their teams

We stand by that either approach will greatly increase your risk of an attack in this new normal. However, if you are pressed for time and want something quick and easy to pass on to your clients then we recommend that your clients follow these quick recommendations:

  1. Make sure their teams improve your security on your home WIFI Network
  2. Implement 2FA on all devices used to access the network
  3. Never open emails from unknown senders
  4. Check the domain of the email, against the website domain of the sender, before downloading any attachments
  5. Encrypt all data, including chats, that you send 
  6. Limit the amount of work done on personal or mobile devices

These 6 recommendations will proactively protect your clients. However, we recommend that you work with us so that we can build a comprehensive and complete plan of action to best help each client. We can provide education and virtual training as well as make infrastructure recommendations. This is what we do and is a much better way to engage us, rather than calling us to solve an attack and perform the digital investigation. Let us know when you would like to chat, we can be reached on 1-866-270-2388