Betterchips Consulting Corp. Privacy Policy

LAST UPDATED: June 19, 2019

The Betterchips Consulting Corp. (“COMPANY”) employees and partners are a team of professional consultants who understand the importance, value, and sensitivity of data. This Privacy Policy (“POLICY”) is intended to provide you with an explanation of what information COMPANY collects, and how that information is processed, stored and shared, both digitally and in physical format. All visitors to any of COMPANY’s sites or publications are invited to read this POLICY to gain a better understanding of COMPANY’s use of your information and its commitment to ensuring its protection.

For subscribers to COMPANY SERVICES, this POLICY should be read in conjunction with the Master Services Agreement (“MSA”), incorporated herein by reference. Unless otherwise defined in this POLICY, the terms defined within the MSA have the same meaning in all documents.

This POLICY is organized into easy-to-follow sections to help make finding the information you are looking for easier.

About Betterchips

In this POLICY, the words “COMPANY” and “Betterchips” refer to Betterchips Consulting Corp. and its employees, consultants, subcontractors and affiliates. COMPANY is a globally-recognized consulting firm built upon an ecosystem of trusted professionals in virtually all areas of computing technology. The unique ability to combine business, legal, and technological expertise gives COMPANY a strategic insight into many issues where others can’t navigate.

COMPANY collects information about visitors to COMPANY’s websites in order to facilitate a functional and professional relationship, and to better serve you by tailoring that experience to your needs. COMPANY’s websites include:
  • COMPANY’s password-protected websites, including those that interact with COMPANY’s SERVICES
  • website
  • various COMPANY blogs, social media profiles, event pages, and other websites
These individual sites are collectively referred to as the “SITES” and may also include any other publicly accessible website not mentioned above where this POLICY is posted.

Data Processing and Handling

The specific information COMPANY collects from or about you depends on the nature of your relationship with COMPANY or your interaction with COMPANY’s SITES and SERVICES. The information COMPANY collects may include both PERSONAL DATA and OTHER INFORMATION, as detailed below.

PERSONAL DATA. For the purposes of this POLICY, “PERSONAL DATA” is information from which you could be identified, directly or indirectly. PERSONAL DATA may include one or more of the following:
  • contact and business information (such as name, title, email address);
  • account information
  • payment information;
  • information from third parties;
  • social media data;
  • any other unique identifying information
OTHER INFORMATION. For the purposes of this POLICY, “OTHER INFORMATION” is any information that does not independently reveal your specific identity or does not directly relate to an identifiable individual. Examples include
  • IP address(es);
  • browser type and metadata;
  • device information, time and date of requests;
  • login activity;
  • cookies.
Gathering this information helps COMPANY to ensure that COMPANY’s SITES and SERVICES work correctly and provide a high level of availability.

Cookies and Related Technologies

Cookies are small text files containing information unique to your account or browser that may be read from your device through usage of COMPANY SITES and/or SERVICES. COMPANY uses cookies and related technologies to track activity throughout the use of COMPANY’s SITES and SERVICES. COMPANY uses cookies to collect information about the way that you use the SITES or SERVICES, support the features and functionality of the SITES and SERVICES, and personalize the experience of the SITES and SERVICES.

You can control cookies and related technologies through personalization of your browser settings. You can also disable or block the use of cookies and similar technologies that track your activities. Please note, however, that use of COMPANY’s PORTAL requires cookies to be enabled in your browser.

COMPANY may combine the collected PERSONAL DATA and OTHER INFORMATION into a more comprehensive dataset to work with, such as identifying your approximate geographical location from your IP address and combining website browsing data, allowing for a greater personalized experience. If COMPANY combines PERSONAL DATA with any OTHER INFORMATION, COMPANY will treat the combined information as PERSONAL DATA.

COMPANY will never collect PERSONAL DATA that isn’t necessary for the intended purpose of processing that information. You are also not required to share the PERSONAL DATA that COMPANY requests. However, if you choose not to share such information, it may hinder your ability to use COMPANY’s SITES and SERVICES.

The Betterchips Websites

COMPANY maintains control of the data provided to, collected by or for, or processed in connection to the COMPANY SITES, as defined in this POLICY.
What Data is Collected and How it is Collected
Information You Provide
COMPANY collects information about you through COMPANY’s SITES, online forms, online chat and email, for example when you request a demo or contact COMPANY via COMPANY’s SITES or as directed in the CONTACT US section below.

When you communicate with COMPANY, all communications received will be stored unless otherwise requested by you at the time of that communication. If you are submitting information on behalf of another individual, you are responsible for obtaining appropriate consent, including consent to share and transfer any PERSONAL DATA across borders.
Information Collected Automatically
Log data. As with most internet technology services, COMPANY’s servers automatically collect information when you access or use COMPANY’s SITES and record this information as access logs. These logs may include IP address, usage data, browser type, the date and time of the request, and language preferences cookies (if enabled).

Device Information. COMPANY collects data about devices accessing the SITES, which may include the type of device, device settings, application IDs, and unique identifiers. Whether COMPANY collects any or all of this information will depend on the type of device used, your response to prompts for information, and your device configuration.

Location Information. COMPANY receives data from you and other third parties that assists COMPANY in tracking of approximate device locations. COMPANY may use, for example, an IP address detected by your browser or device to determine that device’s approximate location. COMPANY may also collect information from devices in accordance with the consent process provided by your device.

Third Parties. COMPANY may use automatic data collection tools to collect information using website tracking technologies such as cookies, web beacons, pixels, widgets, buttons or other similar technologies. COMPANY may also permit certain third parties to use similar technology for the same purpose. These tracing methods can be disabled by you through your device and/or browser configuration.
How We Use That Data
COMPANY may use the information collected for the following purposes:
  • To improve the operation of COMPANY’s SITES and SERVICES;
  • To conduct ordinary business operations such as research, development, recruiting, sales, marketing, support, education and training;
  • To facilitate corporate reporting and management;
  • To maintain a safe and trusted environment for COMPANY employees, customers, SITES visitors and members of the public; and
  • To conduct other similar uses pertaining to the COMPANY SITES.
How We Share That Data
  • Sharing with Betterchips Affiliates. COMPANY may share your information with COMPANY’s affiliated entities worldwide for the purposes described in this POLICY. As part of COMPANY, COMPANY’s entities and COMPANY affiliates are subject to this POLICY, and COMPANY’s internal privacy policies and data protection requirements.
  • Sharing data with third parties. COMPANY retains third party service providers to manage or support certain aspects of COMPANY’s business. These third party service providers may be located globally and may provide services to COMPANY such as communication services, website hosting, advertising and marketing services, data analysis, data hosting, address validation services, providing information technology infrastructure, email delivery, credit card processing, auditing and other similar services. COMPANY’s third party service providers are contractually bound to safeguard any PERSONAL DATA they receive from COMPANY and they are prohibited from using such PERSONAL DATA for any purpose other than to perform the services as requested by COMPANY.
  • Corporate transactions. Circumstances may arise where COMPANY buys or sell assets or businesses as part of a sale, merger or change in control of COMPANY or be a part of, or subject to, some other type of voluntary or involuntary reorganization or restructuring. In such transactions, COMPANY may disclose or transfer your PERSONAL DATA as a business asset, in accordance with this POLICY, to prospective or actual purchasers or receive your PERSONAL DATA from sellers or counterparties. Any entity which buys COMPANY, in part or wholly, will have the right to continue to use the information COMPANY has collected and stored, but only in accordance with this POLICY.
  • Compliance with Legal Requirements. COMPANY may be required to disclose your information to comply with applicable laws (including laws outside of your country of residence), court orders, regulations, government and law enforcement requests, including national security or other law enforcement requirements. Additionally, if COMPANY reasonably believes that it is necessary or appropriate, COMPANY reserves the right to use or disclose your information to allow COMPANY to pursue available claims or remedies and protect COMPANY’s legal rights, property, or the safety of COMPANY employees, users or others, to the extent allowed by applicable law. This includes exchanging information with companies and organizations for the purposes of fraud detection.

Marketing Activities

COMPANY maintains control of the data provided to, collected by, collected for, or processed in connection with certain “MARKETING ACTIVITIES”, such as email communications, webinars, conferences and events. COMPANY and third-party service providers contracted by COMPANY may collect information in the following ways:
What Data is Collected and How it is Collected
Information You Provide
In addition to information submitted to COMPANY through COMPANY’s SITES, for example when you register for a webinar, subscribe to COMPANY’s email newsletter, request user guides or technical documentation or download content (such as whitepapers). COMPANY may also collect information from you offline, such as when you attend COMPANY’s events in person or during phone calls with COMPANY employees, partners, or affiliates.
Information Acquired from a Third Party
COMPANY may receive information about you from third parties, such as public databases, partners, lead generation services, and social media platforms. COMPANY may receive this information for any one of the following purposes:
  • to enhance COMPANY’s ability to provide relevant marketing, offers, and SERVICES to you;
  • to help COMPANY correct or supplement COMPANY’s records;
  • to improve the quality or personalization of COMPANY’s SERVICES to you;
  • to verify your identification in instances of suspected fraud or identity theft.
In each instance COMPANY will only accept information from third parties where those third parties can demonstrate they have received all necessary consents to share such information with COMPANY.
How We Use that Data
COMPANY may use the information that is collected through COMPANY’s MARKETING ACTIVITIES in the same way COMPANY uses information collected through COMPANY’S Sites, as well as for the following purposes:
  • To verify your identity if required (for example, for payment of a ticket for, or registration at an event);
  • To tailor marketing to your interests, or to recommend SERVICES that may be of interest to you;
  • To contact you with business, marketing and sales communications that you have agreed to receive such as newsletters, announcements, and special offers, or to notify you of upcoming events;
  • To update and improve COMPANY SERVICES;
  • To engage in corporate reporting and management;
  • To conduct market research; and
  • To conduct other similar uses pertaining to the COMPANY’s MARKETING ACTIVITIES.
How We Share that Data
COMPANY may share information that is collected through COMPANY’s MARKETING ACTIVITIES in the same way COMPANY shares information collected through COMPANY’s SITES, as well as for the following purposes:
  • Communicating with you regarding a COMPANY Event. COMPANY or COMPANY’s partners may communicate with you about events hosted or co-sponsored by COMPANY or one or more of COMPANY’s partners. These communications may include information about the event's content, logistics, payment, updates, or requests for additional information related to your event registration. After the event, COMPANY may contact you about the event and COMPANY’s related SERVICES and may share information about your attendance with other third parties. COMPANY may also share your information with designated event sponsors or partners who may then send you communications related to your event attendance.
    Please note that any information provided directly to a COMPANY partner or conference sponsor during events, presentations, or conferences is subject to that party’s own privacy policies. You should review their privacy policies to learn how they use information they collect. Each event may include additional privacy protection practices and terms unique to that event, included in attendee guidebooks, the event website or sponsorship agreements.
  • Engaging in advertising. COMPANY may provide you with personalized promotional offers (in accordance with your privacy preferences regarding COMPANY SERVICES and other selected partner websites). For example, you might see an advertisement on a partner site for SERVICES that you have recently viewed on one of the COMPANY SITES. COMPANY may also partner with third parties to display advertising within the COMPANY SERVICES and COMPANY contracts with service providers to place advertisements on websites owned by third parties. Any of these may be achieved by the use of cookies, or by sharing your PERSONAL DATA as described in this POLICY.

Customer Relationship

COMPANY provides direct training and technical support through COMPANY’s existing customer relationships, as well as educational and marketing services to certain partners and prospective customers through secure, password-protected portals. In these relationships, where the data is still controlled by you (the customer, partner, prospective customer), COMPANY is a processor. COMPANY collects, processes and stores information throughout these processes, as follows:
What Data is Collected and How it is Collected
Information Customers and Certain Users Provide Directly Through Password Protected Portals

COMPANY collects data as registration details from you when an account is set up. COMPANY will also collect the data that you share with COMPANY through your use of provided SERVICES, as based on your organization’s configuration of the COMPANY SERVICES.

COMPANY also collects data through SERVICES support portals when a request is submitted. As part of the SERVICES support process, customers must consent to the processing and transfer by COMPANY’s support team of the data they submit, including any of the customer’s end user data they may submit in the support process. When submitting data on behalf of a third party, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that they have permission to do so.
Information Collected Automatically
COMPANY may automatically collect information through COMPANY’s SERVICES in the same way COMPANY automatically collects information through COMPANY’s SITES.
Anonymized, Aggregated Data
In addition to the information you provide to COMPANY and which COMPANY collects automatically, COMPANY also collects anonymous and aggregated information about how COMPANY’s SERVICES are used, to better design and operate COMPANY’s SITES and SERVICES. As part of COMPANY’s operations steps may also be taken anonymize or pseudonymize your information for regulatory compliance, market analysis and other COMPANY business purposes.
How We Use that Data
COMPANY collects and uses customer information as necessary for the performance of contracts between you as a customer and COMPANY, and in accordance with instructions received and the applicable contract terms. COMPANY uses customer, partner and prospective customer information collected through COMPANY’s password-protected portals in a number of ways.

Use of Account Generated Data.
COMPANY uses account generated data in furtherance of COMPANY’s legitimate interests in operating the COMPANY SITES. COMPANY may use information collected through COMPANY’s customer relationships in the same way COMPANY uses information collected through COMPANY’s SITES, MARKETING ACTIVITIES, as well as for the following purposes:
  • To prevent fraudulent activities, such as fraudulent purchases;
  • To review and respond to queries or feedback that you may provide to us;
  • To verify your identity if required (for example, for security reasons to gain access to an account);
  • To periodically review quality of SERVICES provide customer support services, problem solution support and to enhance your customer experience – COMPANY uses the data (which can include communications with COMPANY employees through COMPANY’s Customer Success team) to investigate, respond to and resolve complaints and service issues;
  • To monitor use of SERVICES to ensure compliance with COMPANY’s Master Services Agreement;
  • To personalize service offerings and advertise to you SERVICES any products which may be relevant and of interest;
  • To provide notification of bug fixes and security patches;
  • To process credit card transactions, potentially using third party processors, for authorized purchases of SERVICES, training, or events;
  • To monitor calls for training and providing support purposes; and
  • To conduct other similar uses pertaining to COMPANY’s relationships with COMPANY’s customers.
How We Share that Data
COMPANY may share information that is collected through COMPANY’s customer relationships in the same way COMPANY shares information collected through COMPANY’s SITES, as well as for the following purposes: Sharing with Betterchips partners. COMPANY regularly engages third party technology and implementation partners for joint sales or promotion of SERVICES. Such activities will always reference the partners involved. COMPANY contracts with COMPANY’s partners for these activities and COMPANY’s partners may have access to your PERSONAL DATA, and either COMPANY or COMPANY’s partners may use that information to provide you with sales or product promotion information, further subject to such partners’ own privacy policies.

Processing of Data

COMPANY will only collect and process your PERSONAL DATA in the ways described in this POLICY when COMPANY has a reason to do so.

COMPANY relies on the following reasons for processing PERSONAL DATA:
  • Consent (where you have given consent)
    COMPANY processes certain PERSONAL DATA based on the consent you provided when the information was submitted. Where COMPANY relies on your consent, you have the right to withdraw or decline your consent at any time, such as consenting to receive marketing communications.
  • Contract (where processing is necessary for the performance of a contract with you, i.e., to deliver the COMPANY SERVICES you or your organization have/has purchased).
    When information is processed under contract, you are able to terminate the contract by following the requirements defined within that contract and request that your PERSONAL DATA be returned to you and/or deleted.
  • Compliance with laws (where COMPANY is required to process information to comply with applicable laws)
    If COMPANY asks you to provide PERSONAL DATA to comply with a legal requirement (such as reporting income to taxing authorities) or to perform a contract with you, COMPANY will make this clear at the relevant time and advise you whether the provision of your PERSONAL DATA is mandatory or not (as well as the possible consequences if you do not provide your information).
  • Legitimate interests of COMPANY or any third parties.
    Legitimate interests include enabling COMPANY to conduct internal business services, such as audits, mergers and acquisitions, reporting, and improving COMPANY’s SERVICES. PERSONAL DATA will only be processed on these grounds when doing so does not outweigh your rights. Where COMPANY relies on legitimate interests, you have the right to object at any time.

How Your Information is Protected

COMPANY values the importance of information, and the need to keep PERSONAL DATA secure. COMPANY has implemented and maintains technical, administrative and physical security measures designed to safeguard your information from unauthorized access, misuse, disclosure, alteration, accidental loss or destruction.

COMPANY regularly reviews COMPANY’s security procedures to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, availability and resilience of all data both online and offline are maintained. These security procedures and measures vary based on the sensitivity of the information that COMPANY collects, processes and stores as well as the current state of technology, but include data encryption, firewalls, physical access controls and information access authorization controls. COMPANY takes steps to regularly monitor COMPANY’s systems for vulnerabilities and to ensure that information is only shared with those who need to know it.

However, no website or Internet transmission is completely secure. While COMPANY strives to protect your data, COMPANY cannot guarantee that unauthorized access, hacking, data loss or a data breach will never occur, and COMPANY cannot warrant the security of any PERSONAL DATA that you provide to COMPANY. You are responsible for securing and maintaining the privacy of any password(s) and account registration information used with COMPANY, and verifying that the PERSONAL DATA provided to COMPANY about you is accurate and current. COMPANY is not responsible for protecting any PERSONAL DATA that COMPANY shares with a third party based on an account connection that you have authorized.

COMPANY requires that COMPANY’s third-party service providers and partners agree to keep the information shared with them confidential and to use the information only to perform their obligations based on the agreements COMPANY has in place with them. COMPANY internal policies ensure that such parties are required under contract to maintain privacy and security protections which are at least as consistent with COMPANY’s own policies and practices.

Retention of Your Information

COMPANY will only retain your PERSONAL DATA for the length of time required to fulfill the purposes outlined in this POLICY unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law, or unless the PERSONAL DATA is deleted pursuant to the exercise of your rights. COMPANY may also retain cached or archival copies of PERSONAL DATA provided to COMPANY. The deletion of your PERSONAL DATA and other use of COMPANY’s SITES may result in the deletion and/or de-identification of OTHER INFORMATION that is retained by COMPANY.


This POLICY applies only to your relationship with COMPANY through your use of COMPANY’s SITES, SERVICES, events, trainings, communications, and marketing and advertising activities.

While using COMPANY’s SERVICES, COMPANY may provide links to other websites which directly provide information relevant to your use of COMPANY SERVICES. COMPANY will provide notice of when COMPANY does this. Any interactions you have with these other websites are beyond the control of COMPANY. The SITES may provide links to websites and access to content, products and services of third parties, including users, partners, advertisers, and sponsors of the SITES, and such third-party websites, content, products or services are governed by their respective third party’s terms and conditions.

Your Privacy Rights

COMPANY provides you with options to exercise certain controls and choices regarding COMPANY’s collection, use, and sharing of your PERSONAL DATA.

Please note that, if you do not allow COMPANY to collect your PERSONAL DATA from you, COMPANY may not be able to deliver certain SERVICES to you, and some of the COMPANY SERVICES may not be properly tailored to your preferences.
Your Choices
In accordance with applicable law, you may be entitled to exercise your rights as follows:
  • Account settings. You may update your profile, your account and any related PERSONAL DATA at any time to ensure that PERSONAL DATA is up to date or delete inaccuracies. Devices and browsers. Some of COMPANY’s SERVICES use your device’s location information. If using COMPANY’s SERVICES from a mobile phone or other mobile device, this information may include your real time location. You may adjust the settings of your device at any time to control the sharing of your device’s location with COMPANY.
  • Communications from COMPANY. COMPANY may use your information to communicate with you via email, including sending you transactional or marketing emails. COMPANY provides options for you to opt out of marketing communications. Not all communications you may receive from COMPANY are considered marketing communications, such as communications related to sales transactions, product downloads, system updates and other support-related information, security alerts, events for which you have registered, disclosures in compliance with legal requirements, and (where permitted by law) quality assurance survey requests. Such emails are considered transactional and are not subject to general opt-out requirements. Some additional communications you may receive from COMPANY’s partners may also not be subject to general-opt out, including product alerts, updates, and other notices related to partner status. You request COMPANY stops sending you marketing emails by following the instructions included at the bottom of COMPANY’s marketing emails. Communications related to COMPANY’s PORTAL may be personalized through the management of your account profile within the PORTAL. If you have any issues unsubscribing, you may contact COMPANY as directed in the CONTACT US section below.
  • Cookies. Most web browsers (including mobile browsers) provide options that allow you to control or reject cookies or to alert you when a cookie is about to be placed on your computer, tablet or mobile device. While you are not required to accept cookies, if they are blocked or rejected, you may not have access to all features or functionalities available through COMPANY’s SERVICES. Please refer to the Cookies and Related Technologies section of this Policy for more information.

Updates to Published Policies and Contact Information

Updates to this Privacy Statement
On occasion, COMPANY may change this POLICY to accommodate regulatory requirements, industry practices, new technologies, or to reflect changes in how COMPANY processes information. Any changes to this POLICY will be considered effective when COMPANY posts the revised POLICY on this website unless otherwise directly communicated. The “LAST UPDATED” section at the top of this POLICY indicates when this POLICY was last revised and serves as notice of the update. Your use of the COMPANY SITES, content, or SERVICES provided following these changes is your acceptance of the revised POLICY.
Contact Us
If you believe your PERSONAL DATA has been used in a way that is inconsistent with this POLICY or preferences which you have provided, or if you have questions related to this POLICY, please contact COMPANY’s Compliance Officer at the address below or by emailing: Sorry, you need Javascript view this email.

Written inquiries may be addressed to COMPANY’s Compliance Officer at:
Betterchips Consulting Corp.
ATTN: Compliance Officer
PO Box 1286
Columbus, Ohio 43026